Naked White Oak Hardwood

The grain of White Oak (Quercus alba) is similar to that of Red Oak. It also has clearly visible growth rings. In colour, it varies from pale cream beige to a greyish brown. The colour change of White Oak is moderate and it becomes slightly amber in hue over time. This wood has a Janka hardness rating of 1360.The Solid wood boards including the finishing stages, such as sanding and the finishing, are entirely factory performed under ideal conditions. These pre-varnished boards are ready to be used immediately following their installation. Each board consists entirely of 3/4” thick solid wood; there is, therefore, no gluing or laminating required.

Installation:ENGINEERED 1/2" - Nailed, glued, floating, ENGINEERED 3/4" - Nailed, stapled, glued, floating, SOLID - Nailed, stapled
Gloss: Matte brushed and matte
Finish: The Mercier Generations finish has a smooth, clear surface that reveals all the natural beauty of wood. It is highly scratch resistant.
Dimensions: ENGINEERED 1/2" - Thickness: 1/2", Widths: Authentic 4½" & 6½", R&Q 6½", Length: 12 to 84", ENGINEERED 3/4" - Thickness: 3/4", Widths: Authentic 4½", 6½" & 8⅛", Plus 8⅛", Length: 4½" & 6½" - 12 to 84", 8⅛" - 20 to 84", SOLID - Thickness: 3/4", Widths: Authentic 3¼" & 4¼", Length: 12 to 80"
Warranty: 35-year Residential Warranty


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