Product Care


Use walk-off mats outside and inside entrances, to prevent sand, dirt and water from getting on the hardwood surface. Use mats in front of sinks, dishwashers and workstations. Avoid mats with rubber backing, which trap dirt and moisture. The rubber can also eat away at the finish of the hardwood floors. Use felt pad protection under appliances & furniture. Do not drag your appliances or furniture on your hardwood floors.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Don’t spray flooring cleaner or any other liquid directly onto the floor. Never use a wet mop or pour water directly onto the floor or wash your floor with water. Never use steam cleaning machines or steam cleaner’s period. Never use vacuums with a rotating brush head, such as a brush roll beater bar. The vacuum should have soft non-rotating brush which is made for hardwood floor use only. Do not use floor wax, vinegar, ammonia-based products (ie. Murphy’s Oil Soap, Pledge, oil-based detergent, or any household cleaner on the floor, at any time. These household products can dull the finish or leave a greasy film. The use of these household/industrial products will automatically void your flooring warranty. Only use the floor cleaners recommended by Metro Harwood Floors. Wipe up any spills immediately. Pet’s nails should be trimmed and cleaned on a regular basis to minimize scratches.

Always maintain relative humidity as per manufactures recommendation. Generally, the range is from 35%-60%.

    Laminate Flooring Cleaning

    Just like cleaning wood floors, laminate flooring cleaning involves both regular and preventative maintenance. It is important to sweep or vacuum regularly, especially in higher traffic areas like hallways or in front of doors. Also try to keep your laminate floor as dry as possible, including wiping up any spills immediately. Periodic cleaning of laminate flooring should also be done with quality hardwood floor cleaners and a microfiber mop, never with cleaners for other flooring types or wet mops. Take a look at our Laminate Flooring page for more information.

    Cork Flooring Cleaning

    In addition to the wood floor cleaning instructions listed above, caring for your cork flooring should also include a regular regimen of rotating furniture and area rugs to prevent color change from ultraviolet exposure. Remember to use drapes on any sun-exposed windows to further combat discoloration. Refer to our Cork Flooring page for more information on maintaining a cork floor.