Lux Experience Matte Tile

The essence of striking natural stone and the technical performance of porcelain, is captured in the Lux Experience series.

Weight (lb): 8.2000
Size: 12"x24"
Product Type: Porcelain
Tile Type: Through Body
Tile Finish: Matte
Tile Edge: Rectified
Thickness (mm): 10
Variation Rating: V2 - SLIGHT VARIATION, Panda White = V3 - MODERATE VARIATION
Number of Faces (Graphics): 48-72, varies by colour
Recommended Application: Shower Wall, Shower Floor, Steam Wall, Steam Floor, Fireplace Wall, Fireplace Floor, Light Commercial Wall, Light Commercial Floor, Medium Commercial Wall, Medium Commercial Floor, Heavy Commercial Wall, Indoor Wall, Indoor Floor, Outdoor Wall, Frost Resistance

Calacatta Mont Blanc
Panda White
Helsinki White
Pietra Grey

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