Jubilate Textured Loop Berber Carpet

You haven’t seen a high-performance carpet until you’ve experienced the great durability of Innofibe carpets. Their interesting patterns and colors will entice anyone who walks into your home.

  • Everlasting color
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Prevents slips and cushions falls
  • Low VOC emission
  • Warm and quiet
  • Made In Canada - This product is proudly made in Canada.
  • Stainproof For Life - Stainproof For Life means you're buying a carpet that offers lasting stain resistance.
  • Green Label Plus Certification - Ensures that customers are purchasing the very lowest VOC-emitting products on the market.
Midnight Train
Brewing Storm Loop
Dove Grey
Grey Slate Loop
Milky Way
Templar Loop
Velvety Clay Loop
Wet Clay

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