Naked Wood Collection - Naked Hickory Solid


Hickory (Carrya spp.) is a textured wood with visible growth rings. Its colour varies widely in tone, going from golden brown to full-bodied brown. This species also has pronounced knots that accentuate its natural character. It has a Janka hardness rating of 1820. The Solid wood boards including the finishing stages, such as sanding and the finishing, are entirely factory performed under ideal conditions. These pre-varnished boards are ready to be used immediately following their installation. Each board consists entirely of 3/4” thick solid wood; there is, therefore, no gluing or laminating required.

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  • collection
    Naked Wood Collection
  • dimensions
    THICKNESS: 3/4", WIDTHS:Authentic : 3¼", 4¼", LENGTH: Random length : 12'' to 80''
  • finish
    The Mercier Generations finish has a smooth, clear surface that reveals all the natural beauty of wood. It is highly scratch resistant.
  • gloss
  • installation
    Nailed, stapled
  • species

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    35-year Residential Warranty